Cutting with Precision

Property Maintenance is a practice that we take pride in at Anderson Lawn Pro’s

Mowing the lawn too short reduces the amount of leaf area available for photosynthesis, while also becoming less tolerant to environmental stress. This will cause the grass to be more prone to weed invasion.

We stick to a cutting height of roughly 3.5 inches for best results.

Cutting with Precision

String Trimming

Sidewalk Edging

Trimming Commercial Sidewalks

Edging and trimming are the 'finishing touches' of good lawn mowing. No different than a close shave following a haircut.

Precision Edging

Trimming Residential Sidewalks

Trimming is needed for cleaning around those 'hard to reach' areas that the lawn mower can not cover.

Blowing The Property Clean

Clean Up The Mess

Lawn Mowing & Sidewalk Edging leave behind a mess. Our professional crews have that covered!

Never worry about grass clippings on your sidewalks or driveway. 

Count On The Pro's!

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