Classic Double Ground Mulch

*Price is per cubic yard & includes delivery*

The Double Ground Hardwood is processed two times through our tub grinder. This material is a recycled mix of wood chips & logs that we collect throughout the year. We utilize a 1000 horsepower tub grinder and double grind all of that material collected. We then stockpile it and let it “mature” for about 90 – 120 days until it achieves that rich brown color. This mulch is mostly used in the commercial side of things when large quantities are needed due to its great economical pricing. This mulch will not break down as fast as the others. It generally has a more textured look to it and should last you about one to one and a half seasons.

  • The expected life is 9-12 months depending on the location of placement and amount of direct sunlight.
  • Price is per cubic yard & includes delivery
  • All prices are subject to change without notice
  • All materials are subject to sales tax
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